311. Entrepreneurship Training for Graduate Students – Global Perspective, POSTECH, 2018
310. Biotechnology: Curricula Development, Research Program Development, and Recent Advances, KAIST, 2017
309. New Drug Discovery Process, Yonsei University, 2014
308. Application of Quantitative Biology to Industrial Biotechnology Bioprocess Design, NAIST, Kyoto, Japan, 2013
307. Invited Lecture Series on recent advances in biotechnology process engineering, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China, 2015
306. Invited Plenary Lecture, Where Are We Going with Biotechnology, KSEA-US-Korea Conference, 2014
305. How Best Can We Prepare for Career Advancement? KSEA SEED Invited Lecture, 2013


304. New Challenges and Opportunities in Future Biotechnology Research, Invited Seminar, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea, 09/2012
303. New Emerging Biotechnology, Plenary Lecture, International Biotechnology Symposium, Daegu, Korea, 2012
302. New Paradigm of Bioprocess Technology: Combined Enzyme and Fermentation Technologies for Simultaneous Production of Multiple High Value-Added Products, Plenary Lecture, International Conference on Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, Busan, Korea, 2012
301. Future Pharmaceutical Career Opportunities in the Context of Competency of Global Pharmaceutical Professionals, Invited Seminar, Pharmaceutical College, Yonsei University, Songdo, Korea, 2012
300. Biorefinery process technology – Selected Examples, Invited Seminar, Frontiers Biotechnology Center, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan, 2012
299. Recent Advances in Biomolecular Engineering Research, Invited Lecture, International Center for Biotechnology, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, 2012
298. Recent Advances in Bioprocess Technology – SME metabolites including amino acid, Invited Lecture, Ajinomoto Company, Kawasaki, Japan, 2012
297. Next Generation Fermentation Technology Paradigm: Simultaneous in-situ Co-Production of Ethanol and High Value-added Products, Invited Lecture, Suntory Company, Osaka, Japan, 2012


296. Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) – Biotechnology Institute at the University of Minnesota Joint Symposium, Development of Sustainable Next Generation Biofuel Technology, Invited Special Lecture, NAIST, Nara, Japan, 2012
295. Quantitative biology as applied to practical biotechnology products and processes, Plenary Lecture at the International Korean-Canadian Science and Technology Conference, Vancouver, Canada, 2011
294. Translational Biotechnology, Lecture series, Nara advanced Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Nara, Japan, 2011
293. Antibody Engineering – bioprocess development for large scale production, Invited Plenary Lecture, International Conference of Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology Society, Gyeongju, Korea, 2011


292. Globally competitive biotechnology policy and strategy, Invited Plenary Lecture at the Korean Society of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Yusung, Korea


291. Biotechnology Research Programs Applicable to Material Science in the context of UC Davis – NAIST Research Collaboration Program, Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Nara, Japan, 10/28/08
290. Innovative University Curriculum for Training Future Generation of Biomolecular Engineers, Graduate School of Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul, 5/30/08
289. Biomolecular Engineering Research Frontiers, Seoul National University, Seoul, 5/28/08
288. Recent Advances and Future Direction of Biotechnology, Science and Technology Research and Development Cooperation Strategy Conference, US – Korea Science Cooperative Program, Honolulu, 2/20/08


291. Biotechnology Research Programs Applicable to Material Science in the context of UC Davis – NAIST Research Collaboration Program, Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Nara, Japan, 10/28/08
290. Innovative University Curriculum for Training Future Generation of Biomolecular Engineers, Graduate School of Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul, 5/30/08
289. Biomolecular Engineering Research Frontiers, Seoul National University, Seoul, 5/28/08
288. Recent Advances and Future Direction of Biotechnology, Science and Technology Research and Development Cooperation Strategy Conference, US – Korea Science Cooperative Program, Honolulu, 2/20/08


287. Biomolecular Engineering and Biotechnology, Intensive 6 Lecture Series, April-May, 2007, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan


286. Recent Development in Biomolecular Engineering and Biotechnology, East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghi, China, 2006
285. Application of Biomolecular Engineering in Biotechnology Industry, S J Technical University, Shanghi, China, 2006
284. Advances in Biopharmaceutical Science and Technology, International Symposium on Biomaterial from Renewable Resources, Kyunghee University, Suwon, 2006
283. Advances in Recombinant Technology, BioKorea International Conference, Seoul, 2006
282. Technological Barriers in Vaccine Technology Development, International Conference of Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering, Seoul, 2006


281. Zymomonas mobilis genome and its potential application to high value-added metabolites production, Macrogen Biotechnology, Seoul, March, 2005
288. Adult stem cell culture technology and potential therapeutic applications, GraduateSchool of Biotechnology, Korea University, March, 2005
287. Site visit and discussions with research and development groups at Celltrion Biotechnology Company, Inchon, Korea, March, 2005
286. Metabolic engineering analyses for alternate bioenergy resources, Pohang Institute of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Pohang, June, 2005
285. Future Career Opportunities in Biotechnology, High School Outreach Program for advanced standing high school science and math students, Seoul High School, June, 2005
284. Fusion Technology Forum on Frontiers of Multidisciplinary Research, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), June 2005

283. Biotechnology business paradigms, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology – Biotechnology Research Group, Sihung, Korea, October, 2005
282. Special Award Lecture, Advances in Enzyme Engineering, International Enzyme Engineering Conference XVIII, Gyong-Ju, Korea, October, 2005
280. Advisory Committee Meeting Forum for Brain Korea 21st Century, Training of next century human resources, Los Angeles, CA, December, 2005


279. The future direction of biochemical engineering research, Invited Plenary Lecture, Korean Society of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Chungju, Korea, October, 2004
278. Ho-Am Award Lecture: New vision for biotechnology – a biomolecular engineering focus, (invited lecture at the Award Ceremony), Ho-Am Foundation of Samsung, Seoul, June, 2004


277. Therapeutic adult stem cell culture technology as applicable to therapies for adult and old age related diseases, CJ Biotechnology Research Institute, Seoul, September, 2003
276. Food biotechnology of non-Genetically Modified Organisms (non-GMO), California Natural Products, Lathrop, CA, August, 2003
275. Therapeutic Adult stem cell technology as relevant to gene and reparative therapies, 3rd Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research in Eastern Mediterranean Countries, Thessaloniki, Greece, May, 2003
274. Research Leadership in Biotechnology: Commemorative Lecture for Professor T. Yoshida, Osaka, Japan, May, 2003


273. Biotechnology Research Programs in US Federal Agencies for EPSCOR, Louisiana State University, New Orleans, LA, April, 2002


272. Environmental Biotechnology, UC Riverside, CA, November, 2001
271. US policies related to the social and ethical issues in biotechnology, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ. November, 2001
270. U.S. Science and Technology Policy, KOLIS Annual Meeting, UC San Francisco, December, 2001, Plenary Lecture
269. Agricultural Biotechnology, International Agriculture Training Program, Davis, CA, July, 2001


268. U. S. Federal Research Programs in Metabolic Engineering Field, Metabolic Engineering Conference, Colorado Springs, CO, October, 2000

267. Metabolic Pathway Engineering as applied to discovery research – new vision in biotechnology research, University of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV, September, 2000
266. Future research trends and strategy for US biochemical engineering research programs, National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA (2/2000).
265. Frontiers in biochemical engineering research: Biomolecular engineering, US-Korea Conference on Frontiers in Collaborative Biotechnology Research, Chicago, (5/2000).
264. Recent development in bioinformatics and biomolecular engineering, KIChE Biotechnology Symposium, Seoul (6/2000).


263. DNA chip design and microarray technology, Affimax Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA (9/1999). 262. Research frontiers in biochemical engineering: Biomolecular engineering, USKorea Conference on Frontiers in Biotechnology Research, Los Angeles, CA (8/1999) (Organizer and Chair).
261. Recent development in biomolecular engineering and bioinformatics, Biotechnology Symposium, World Congress of Scientists and Engineers,
Seoul (6/1999).
260. Signal transducing biomolecules, Doosan Research Laboratories., Seoul (3/1999)


259. Production of lactolyzed milk by using monolithic immobilized enzyme reactor system, Richard Scientific Inc., Novato, CA (12/1998)
258. Recent development in high throughput screening technology for new drug discovery, AmBex Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (10/1998)
257. Biomolecular process improvement based on secretion and posttranslational processing of homologous and heterologous proteins in yeast, American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, Boston (8/1998)
256. Future trends of biochemical engineering: Functional genomics and bioinformatics, Biochemical Engineering and Applied Microbiology Society
Meeting and Doosan Technical Institute, Seoul (8/1998)


255. Protein disulfide isomerase (PDI) and peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase (PPI) reaction kinetics in CHO cell line, American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco (4/1997)
254. Hollow fiber bioreactor performance for synthesis of phospholipids using coupled ATP regeneration reaction, American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco (4/1997)
253. Effect of YlPMR1 disruption on secretion and processing of proteins in Y. lipolytica, American Society for Microbiology, Miami Beach, (5/1997)

Invited Lecture Tour in China: Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology

252-249. Lecture Series, 8/1997
252. Yenbien University, Yenbien
251. Chinghua University, Beijing
250. Beijing University, Beijing
249. Institute of Chemical Technology, Beijing


248. Enhancement of secretion system of recombinant yeast, 5th Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference and Bio-expo, Seoul (11/1996)

Invited Lecture Tour in Japan: Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology 246-241.
Lecture Series Sponsored by the Ministry of Education and International
Biotechnology Center at Osaka University, 9/1996

246. Kirin Key Technology Central Research, Yokohama, Kanagawa
245. Sankyo Biomedical Research Center, Iwaki, Fukushima
244. Nippon-Roche Research Laboratories, Shizuoka
243. Agricultural Biotechnology Program, Hokkaido University, Sapporo
242. Biotechnology Research Center, Toyama University, Toyama
241. Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama
240. Case studies of NIH biotechnology training program at UC Davis, NSF Graduate Training Program Workshop, UC Davis (1996)
239. Biotechnology of antifungal product development, Special Guest Lectureship, Yukong, Daeduk (8/1996)
238. Implementation of clean technology, Environmental Biotechnology Symposium, Seoul (8/1996)
237. How do we optimize recombinant bioprocess for gene products, Invited Lecture, Department of Biotechnology, Osaka University (8/1996)
237. Biotechnology research in wine making, Annual Meeting of Korean-American International Technical Conference, Lyon, France (10/1996)
236 US-Korea cooperation in biotechnology research, US – Korea Science and Technology Forum II, Seoul (8/1996)
235. Recombinant bioreactor design, Japan Biotechnology Society, Osaka (7/1996)
234. Production of fungal cellulase by recombinant yeast, 96th American Society for Microbiology, New Orleans (5/1996)
233. Posttranslational protein processing in CHO cells, Cell Culture Engineering, San Diego (1/1996)


232. US-Korea cooperative research programs in basic research, US – Korea Science and Technology Policy Forum I, Washington D. C. (12/1995)
231. Comparative study on secretion system in yeast and mammalian cells, Annual Meeting of Korean-American International Technical Conference, San Francisco (9/1995)
230. Expression and secretion of rice α-amylase, 95th American Society for Microbiology, Washington D. C. (5/1995).
229. Cyclic fed batch process design and optimization for production of heterologous protein, Biochemical Engineering IX, Davos, Switzerland (5/1995).


228. Biotechnology and the next century, The Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology, 10th Year Commemorative Founding Lectureship, Daeduk, (8/1994).
227. Recent trend in frontiers biotechnology research, Biotechnology 2000 Symposium and Bio-fair, Keynote lecture, Seoul, (6/1994).


226. National Research Council Lectureship (Taiwan), Future trends of biochemical engineering, Taipei, (1993).
225. Invited lecture, Biotechnology for petrochemical industries, Yukong, Ltd., Hillsboro, NJ, (3/93).
224 Protein disulfide isomerase reaction mechanism in endoplasmic Reticulum and its significance in protein assembly and refolding, 12th International Enzyme Engineering Conference, Deauville, France, (9/1993).
223 Secretion of heterologous protein in mammalian cell cultures, 8th Biochemical Engineering Conference, Princeton, NJ, (7/93).


222. Research and lecture visit to Biotechnology Research Centers in Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka Universities, (7/92).
221. Performance of a Tapered Column Reactor for Plant Cell Culture: Shikonin Production from Lithospermum erythrorhizon, AIChE Meeting, Miami, Florida, November, 1992, (with V. Srinivasan).
220. Improvement of Tropane Alkaloid Production in Datura stramonium Suspension Culture, AIChE Meeting, Miami, Florida, (11/1992).
219. Optimization of Recombinant Fermentation Process through the Analysis of Effects of Promoter Derepression and Metabolic Flux Change, Joint Meeting of 9th International Biotechnology Symposium and Amer. Chem. Society, Washington, D.C. (8/1992) (Also Program Committee Member and Session Chair).
218. Problems and Research Opportunities in Plant Cell Culture. Pacific Rim Food and Agriculture Biotechnology Conference on Molecular Crop
Agriculture for the Pacific Rim, Sacramento, CA (6/1992). (Also Session Chair).
217. Positive effect of par sequence on the growth rate of recombinant E. coli, American Society for Microbiology, 92nd Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA, (5/1992).
216. Engineering and Genetic Approaches to Optimization of Recombinant Fermentation Process, 2nd Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference, Yokohama, Japan (4/1992).
215. Effect of Growth Rate Differential on the Performance of Recombinant Fermentation Process, Special lecture at the 30th Anniversary Meeting of KIChE, Seoul (4/1992).
214. Enhancement of Oxygen Transfer Rate in a Mammalian Cell Culture Bioreactor equipped with a double screen annular cage impeller, American Chemical Society; National Meeting, San Francisco, CA (April, 1992).
213. Principles of scaling up immunoaffinity purification, 3M Co. Minneapolis, MN (2/1992).


212. Genetic Approach to Stabilization and the Productivity Improvement of Recombinant Fermentation, US-Korea (NSF-KOSEF Sponsored) Joint Seminar on Bioprocess Technology, Seoul (12/1991). (Also as the PI & Chair of the Program)
211. US-Korea Cooperative Research in Biotechnology in the context of global biotechnological development, Institute Lectureship, Genetic Engineering Research Institute, Daeduk, Korea (11/1991).
210. UC – Tokyo University Engineering Cooperative Program Lectureship, Research Opportunities in Bioprocess Engineering in the context of US-Japan Cooperation in Biotechnology, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan, (11/1991).
209. Measurement of growth rate differentials caused by the overexpression of a cloned gene and its application to recombinant fermentation processes, AIChE National Meeting, Los Angeles, CA (11/1991.)
208. Biochemical Engineering research and training in U.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark (7/1991).
207. Keynote Lecture Annual Meeting of Biochemical Engineering Society, Seoul (4/1991)
206. Recombinant Fermentation Technology: Improvement of Gene Expression, 3rd US-Japan (NSF-JSPS sponsored) International Conference on Biotechnology, Honolulu (1/1991).
205. Modeling of Recombinant Organisms, DECHEMA Conference on Modeling and Control in Biotechnology, Lahnstein, Germany (3/1991).


204. Visiting lectureship, Recent Advances in Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering Dept., Seoul National University, Seoul (10/90)
203. Effect of Rheological Properties of Plant Cell Culture on Bioreactor Performance, Joint Seminar of US-Japan (NSF-JSPS sponsored) International Cooperative Science Program on Plant Biotechnology, Davis, CA (12/1990). (Also as the Organizer and Co-Chair).
202. Biochemical Engineering Research for the next century, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (11/1990).
201. The growth kinetics and Tropane alkaloid production by Datura Stramonium suspension cultures AIChE Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (11/1990).
200. Two-stage continuous process for the production of Shikonin derivatives from cell cultures of Lithospermum erythrorhizon, AIChE Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL (11/1990).
199. Properties of various support matrices and their effect on immuno-affinity purification of Protein C. AIChE Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. (11/1990).
198. International Competitiveness in Biotechnology, Korea Institute of Chemical Engineers, Seoul. (11/1990).
197. Recent Progress in Agricultural Biotechnology, Key Note lecture at the “Agricultural Biotechnology Symposium for the 21st Century,” College of Agriculture, Seoul National University, Seoul (10/1990).
196. The effects of transcription and translation efficiency on the production of cloned gene protein in Escherichia coli. ACS National Meeting, Washington, D.C. (8/1990).
195. Analysis of cell cycle, IgG synthesis, and secretion kinetics during hybridoma cultures, ACS National Meeting, Washington, D.C. (8/1990).
194. Lecture at the Biotechnology Workshop, Internal workshop for Bechtel. San Francisco (10/1990)
193. Optimal bioprocess design for recombinant fermentation system. Lecture at the MIT Biotechnology Process Engineering Center’s Annual Meeting, Cambridge, MA. (6/1990).
192. Application of monoclonal antibody site-targeted delivery system for cancer treatment. FASEB, Washington, D.C. (4/1990).
191. Optimal temperature control policy for recombinant fermentation process. Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference ‘90, Kyung-Ju and Seoul (4/1990). .
190. Downstream processing of high value protein purification, modeling and scale-up using Protein C system. Session Chair, US-Germany Joint Workshop on Bioseparation, (NSF sponsored workshop) St. Petersburg, FL. (5/1990).

Invited Lecture tour in Japan
Sponsored by the JSPS and US NSF in October, 1989.
Lecture Series numbers 189-177
189. Mitsubishi Central Research Laboratory, Nagoya, Japan.
188. MITI – Fermentation Research Institution, Tsukuba, Japan.
187. Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, Japan.
186. Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan.
185. Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.
184. Meiji Pharmaceutical, Kawaski-shi, Kanakawa, Japan.
183. Taito-Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co., Aichi, Chita-gun, Japan.
182. Asahi Chemical Central Research Laboratory, Nagoya, Japan.
181. Riken Research Institute, Wake-shi Saitama, Japan.
180. Kyoto University, Plant Biotechnology Research Center, Kyoto, Japan.
179. Tokyo University, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tokyo, Japan.
178. Kyowa Hakko Central Research Laboratory, Machida-shi, Tokyo, Japan.
177. Novel bioreactor system design and performance. US-Japan Joint Workshop on Plant Biotechnology, Tokyo and Kyoto Japan. (10/1989).
176. Performance of recombinant fermentation process: Optimization of process operation, Int’l Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, ACS-PACIFICHEM Meeting, Honolulu. (12/1989). (Organizer and Session Chair)
175. Scale-up of affinity chromatography, AIChE Meeting, San Francisco. (11/1989).
174. Production of recombinant vaccine from HeLa cells, AIChE Meeting, San Francisco. (11/1989).
173. Penicillin biosynthesis and isopenicillin N synthetase activity in Lysobacter lactamgenus, Int’l Enzyme Engineering Conference, Kashikojima, Japan. (9/1989).
172. Research and Training Strategy and Policy. NSF sponsored Biochemical Engineering Workshop: Washington, DC (1989). (Organizer and Co-PI).
171. Optimization of fermentation process utilization genetically engineered microorganisms. Beijing International Conference on Biotechnology, Beijing, China (1989).
170. Bioprocess engineering problems in plant biotechnology. Chemical Engineering Departmental Seminar. Washington State University. Pullman, WA (1989)
169. New research opportunities in biochemical engineering. Chemical Engineering Departmental Seminar. Washington University. St. Louis, MO (1989).
168. Purification of vitamin K dependent proteins. UCLA Symposium on Molecular and Cellular Biology. Keystone, CO (1989).
167. Special Summer Course Lecture on rDNA technology and plasmid stability. Washington University, St. Louis, MO (1989).


166. Mycogen, San Diego, CA (1988).
165. Merck-Kelco, San Diego, CA (1988).
164. Special Summer Course Lecture: Recombinant fermentation technology. Washington University, St. Louis, MO (1988).
163. Biotechnology research programs at UC Davis, UC-Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Livermore, CA (1988).
162. Special Briefing Lecture for the 25th Anniversary Industrial Affiliates Program of the College of Engineering, University of California, Davis, CA (1988).

Invited Lecture tour. Deutsche Gesellschaft Forschung (DGF) sponsored
Invited Visiting Scholars Lectureship, 161 – 157, 1988
161. Universität Hanover, Hanover, Germany (1988).
160. Gesellschaft für Biotechnologische Forschung mbH and Universität Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Stöckheim, Germany (1988).
159. Universität Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany (1988).
158. Institute for Biotechnology II KFA-Kernforschungsanlage, Jülich, GmbH, Jülich, Germany (1988).
157. Universität Stuttgart and Fraunhofer-Institute für Granzflächen und Bioverfahrenstechnik, Institutzentrum, Stuttgart, Germany (1988).
156. Structured modeling and simulation of oxygen transport to hybridoma cell in a suspension culture: theoretical analysis. Intl. Society of Oxygen Transfer to Tissues. Ottawa, Canada (1988).
155. Ethanol production from sugarcane badges using the associated saccharification and fermentation process. 8th Int’l. Biotechnology Symposium, Paris, France (1988).
154. Perspectives on biotechnology in California from other Pacific Rim countries. Center for Molecular Genetics, UC San Diego, CA (1988).
153. Perspectives on bioprocess engineering: Comparative studies on recombinant and non-recombinant organisms. Chemical Engineering departmental Seminar. University of Texas. Austin, TX (1988).
152. Novel bioreactor design and its performance of novel bioreactor system. 8th Int’l Biotechnology Symposium, Paris, France (1988).
151. Bioprocess engineering of recombinant organisms. Chemical Engineering Departmental Seminar, University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA (1988).
150. Effect of specific growth rate on productivity of recombinants. 6th Biochemical Engineering Conference. Santa Barbara, CA (1988).
149. Hybridoma cell cultivation for preparation of monoclonal antibody against α-amino acid ester hydrolase. AIChE. Washington, D. C. (1988).
148. Modeling of immunoaffinity chromatography. AIChE. Washington, D.C. (1988).
147. Growth kinetics of plant cell culture. American Chemical Society, Los Angeles, CA (1988).
146. Briefing for the Chancellor on biotechnology programs on UC Davis Campus. Davis, CA (1988)
145 Immunoaffinity separation by predesigning gene product. American Society of Microbiology. New Orleans, LA (1988).


144. Modeling of production processes with genetically modified microorganisms. Intl. Biotechnica ’87 Hanover, Germany (1987).
143. Effects of operating parameters on the plasmid stability and performance of recombinant fermentation process. AIChE. New York, NY (1987).
142. Recirculating bioreactor system for biotransformation. American Chemical Society. New Orleans, LA (1987).
141. Effect of pulsed oxygen supplement on the tapered- column immobilized yeast bioreactor. American Chemical Society National Meeting. New Orleans, LA (1987).
140. International competitiveness of manufacturing biotechnology. Biotechnology Industrial Association of Korea, Seoul, Korea (1987).
139. Special invited lecture for the occasion of Professor Hisaharu Taguchi’s retirement, Osaka University, Japan (1987).
138. Plant biotechnology: Its future prospect. Mitsui Chemical, Yamaguchi, Japan (1987).
137. Biochemical engineering academic discipline in the context of future biotechnology industry. University of Illinois, Urbana, IL (1987).
136. Purification of blood protein. NSF and UCLA Molecular Biology Workshop Program. Grenlibakken, CA (1987).
135. International competitiveness in biotechnology. UCLA Molecular Biology Symposium Program. Berkeley, CA (1987).
134. Modeling of production processes with genetically modified microorganisms. International Biotechnica ’87. Hanover, Germany (1987).

133. Continuous recirculating bioreactor-separator combination system for simultaneous bioconversion and recovery. International Enzyme Engineering Conference. Santa Barbara, CA (1987).
132. Effects of operating parameters on the plasmid stability and performance of recombinant fermentation process. American Institute of Chemical Engineers. New York, NY (1987).
131. Recirculating bioreactor system for biotransformation. American Chemical Society. New Orleans, LA (1987).
130. The effect of pulsed oxygen supplement on the tapered-column immobilized yeast bioreactor. American Chemical Society. New Orleans, LA (1987).
129. Problems in commercialization of biotechnology. International Conference of Federation of Scientific and Engineering Societies. Seoul, Korea (1987).
128. Purification and characterization of beta-lactam antibiotic synthesizing enzyme. American Society for Microbiology. Atlanta, GA (1987).


127. New frontiers in the engineering biotechnology. Pennsylvania State University, PA (1986).
126. New challenges for biochemical engineers. Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (1986).
125. Biotechnology and brewing industry. Kirin Brewery, Japan (1986).
124. Develop of renewable feedstock resources. Expert Panel Conference on Biotechnology for Livestock Production and Health. UN Food and Agriculture Organization, Rome, Italy (1986).
123. Recent development in wine biotechnology. Gallo Winery, Modesto, CA (1986).
122. Novel bioreactor system design. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (1986).
121. Biotechnology and biochemical engineering – the synergism. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA (1986).
120. Research opportunities in biochemical engineering. University of Maryland, College Park, MD (1986).
119. Recent trends in “biotechnology-engineering” research. Genetic Engineering Research Center at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul, Korea (1986).
118. Problems involved in scale-up and commercializing recombinants. Université de Technologie, Compiegne, France (1986).
117. Gene expression efficiency and kinetics, U.S. (NSF) – Japan (JSPS) Joint Research Conference on Biotechnology. Lake Biwa, Japan (1986).
116. Genetically structured model for productivity of recombinant organisms. 3rd World Congress of Chemical Engineers. Tokyo, Japan (1986).
115. Gene switching system and its application to process control. International Conference on Biochemical Engineering. Henniker, NH (1986).
114. New catalytic properties exhibited by the malolactic enzyme. American Society of Enology and Viticulture Annual Meeting. Anaheim, CA (1986).
113. Genetically improved wine yeast strains. American Society of Enology and Viticulture Annual Meeting. Anaheim, CA (1986).


112. Instability of recombinant stability and its effect on biotechnology process design strategy. SUNY, Buffalo, NY (1985).
111. Biochemical engineering research related to renewable resources. University of California, San Diego, CA (1985).
110. Mass transfer problems in immobilized cells/enzymes systems. University of Delaware, Newark, DE (1985).
109. Biochemical engineering. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY (1985).
108. Scale-up of biotechnology processes. Labcon West Conference, San Mateo, CA (1985).
107. Diagnostic and biotechnology. Eastman Kodak Company, Central Research Laboratory, Rochester, NY (1985).
106. Biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. American Cyanamid – Lederle Division, Pearl River, NY (1985).
105. Petroleum biotechnology. Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, Kuwait (1985).
104. Biotechnology: International Perspective. Bio-Japan-85 International Conference, Osaka, Japan (1985).
103. Continuous malolactic fermentation using immobilized enzyme and/or cells. 8th International Conference on enzyme engineering. Copenhagen, Denmark (1985).
102. Kinetics of gene expression in recombinant E. coli. American Institute of Chemical Engineers National Meeting, Chicago, IL (1985).
101. Bioprocess scale-up using genetically engineering microbes. Bio-Expo 85, Boston, MA (1985).
100. Construction of lactose fermenting S. cerevisiae by protoplast fusion. American Society for Microbiology Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, NV (1985).
99. Simulation of continuous immobilized yeast cell bioreactor system for ethanol production. American Chemical Society National Meeting, Chicago, IL (1985).


98. Biotechnology as relevant to the oil industry. Amoco Research Center, Naperville, IL (1984).
97. Scenario of wine making in the year 2000. Napa Valley Wine Technical Group, Calistoga, CA (1984).
96. Future impact of biotechnology on wine industry. Wine Industry Technology Seminar, San Jose, CA (1984).
95. Current biochemical engineering research problems. University of California, Santa Barbara, CA (1984).
94. Genetic stability of plasmid coded protein from recombinant Organisms. Third European Congress on Biotechnology, Munich, Germany (1984).
93. Scale-up of fermentation processes utilizing recombinant organisms. Fourth International Conference on Biochemical Engineering, Galway, Ireland (1984).
92. Kinetics of plasmid segregation in continuous culture, American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (1984).
91. Reaction kinetics and mechanisms of alpha-amino-beta-lactam acylhydrolase in enzymatic synthesis of semisynthetic beta-lactam antibiotics. American Chemical Society National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA (1984).

90. Investigation of malolactic fermentation and possible methods for its control. Annual Meeting, American Society of Enology and Viticulture, San Diego, CA (1984).
89. Construction of killer wine yeast. Annual Meeting of American Society of Enology and Viticulture, San Diego, CA (1984).


88. Exploratory joint research seminar on biotechnology. University of Technology, Compiegne and National Institute of Applied Science (INSA), Toulouse, France (1983).
87. Biotechnology program development and policy planning. International Seminar and Workshop sponsored by the UN Industrial Development Organization and Brazilian Government. Lorena, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1983).
86. Research needs in renewable materials engineering, Workshop and Symposium sponsored by the NSF and Purdue University. West Lafayette, IN (1983).
85. Future biotechnology as applied to yeast industry. Universal Foods, Inc., Milwaukee, WI (1983).
84. New horizons in biotechnology related biochemical engineering. California Institute of Technology. Pasadena, CA (1983).
83. Effect of air supplement on the performance of continuous ethanol fermentation. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Washington, DC (1983).
82. Enzymatic synthesis of semisynthetic beta-lactam antibiotics: Reaction kinetics. 7th International Conference on Enzyme Engineering, White Haven, PA (1983).
81. Cellulase production by solid state culture system. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC (1983).
80. Instability of trp operon recombinant plasmid ColE1-trp in E. coli. American Chemical Society, Washington, DC (1983).
79. A new sample preparation method for analysis of organic components in wines by HPLC, American Society of Enology, Reno, NV (1983).
78. Improvements of ethanol productivity by oxygen supplement. Pasteur Bioscience 83 – International Biotechnology Meeting, Paris, France (1983).
77. Genetic recombination and mutagenesis of M. rosaria by protoplast fusion. 6th International Protoplast Symposium, Basel, Switzerland (1983).
76. Modeling of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose. 3rd Pacific Chemical Engineering Congress, Seoul, Korea (1983).


75. Assessment of renewable resources development technology at the Symposium on Microbial Technology Meeting sponsored by the Japan Management Association. Tokyo, Japan (1982).
74. Enzymatic synthesis of antibiotics at the Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Enzyme Engineering. Osaka, Japan (1982).
73. Strength and potential of Japanese fermentation technology on the 60th Anniversary Lecture Symposium of the Society of Fermentation Technology. Osaka, Japan (1982).
72. Overview of process engineering needs in biotechnology. Battelle Memorial Institute. Columbus, OH (1982).
71. Performance of immobilized yeast reactor system for continuous ethanol fermentation. American Society of Enology Meeting, Anaheim, CA (1982).
70. Cellulose as renewable resource. Annual Meeting of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Los Angeles, CA (1982).
69. Enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose: Recent advances in reaction mechanisms. Pan-Pacific Synfuels Conference ’82, Tokyo, Japan (1982).
68. Reaction kinetics and mechanisms of enzymatic synthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics. 184th National Meeting of American Chemical Society. Kansas City, MO (1982).
67. Ethanol fermentation using immobilized whole cell yeast. XIIIth International Congress of Microbiology and IAMS, Boston, MA (1982).
66. Genetic recombination of Micromonospora spp. by protoplast fusion. 4th International Symposium on Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms, Kyoto, Japan (1982).
65. Effects of physicochemical properties of cellulose on its hydrolysis kinetics and mechanisms. ACHEMA, 20th International Meeting of Chemical Engineering and Chemical Engineering Exhibition Congress, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (1982).
64. Continuous glutamate production using immobilized whole cell enzyme system. International Symposium on the Use of Enzymes in Food Technology, Versailles, France (1982).


63. Application of biotechnology to resources development. International. Conference on Biomolecular Technology, Tokyo, Japan (1981).
62. Effect of crystallinity of cellulose on enzymatic hydrolysis kinetics. American Chemical Society Meeting, NY (1981).
61. Thermodynamic properties of cellulose and their effects on enzymatic hydrolysis. 2nd World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Montreal, Canada (1981).
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