Federal Government

Director of Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering Program, National Science Foundation, Washington, DC, 2000-2002

Professional Service to Organizations as an Editorial Board Member and a Reviewer

1. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (Editorial Board Member, 1981-)
2. Enzyme and Microbial Technology (Editorial Board Member, 1978 – 98)
3. Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering (Advisory Board Member, 1986 -)
4. Journal of Biochemical Engineering (Advisory Board Member, 1996 -)
5. American Institute of Chemical Engineers Journal
6. Biotechnology Progress
7. Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
8. Biotechnology and Bioengineering
9. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
10. Chemical Engineering Communication
11. Science des Aliments
12. Journal of Industrial Microbiology
13. Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic

Professional organizations and meetings as an organizer or session chair

1. International Advisory Committee, Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conferences, 1989-2006
2. Biochemical Engineering Conferences, Advisory Committee, 2002-05
3. Organizing Committee, Therapeutic Adult stem cell technology as relevant to gene and reparative therapies, 3rd Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research in Eastern Mediterranean Countries, Greece, 2003
4. Co-Chair, Workshop on Future Directions for Biochemical Engineering, NSF Sponsored, Washington, DC, 2002
5. Organizer and Co-PI: NSF sponsored Biochemical Engineering Workshop on Research and Training Strategy and Policy Planning, Washington, D.C. 1989
6. Organizer and Session Chair: International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, ACS PACIFICHEM Meeting, 1989
7. Program Committee, First Pacific Rim Food and Agriculture Biotechnology Conference on Molecular Crop Agriculture, UC Davis & Sacramento, 1990-92
8. Program Committee, 9th International Biotechnology Symposium and Chair on Metabolic Engineering, 1990-92
9. Organizer and Co-Chair, NSF-JSPS Sponsored US-Japan Joint Workshop on Plant Biotechnology, Tokyo and Davis, 1989-94
10. Co-Chair, First Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference Kyung-Ju, 1990
11. Organizer and Co-Chair, NSF-KOSEF Sponsored US-Korea Joint Seminar on Bioprocess Technology, Seoul, 1991
12. Chair, Second Asia-Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conference, Yokohama, 1992
13. KIChE, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, Division of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology, Advisory Board, 1993-

Program Review and Evaluation Committee, study group, advisory group, and/or committee member

1. Ranking Assessment studies for Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in the context of global rankings of research universities, NAIST, Nara, Japan, 2011
2. National Institute of Health-NIGMS, Biotechnology Training Program, 1988 –
3. National Science Foundation, Biotechnology Program, 1988-
4. United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, Agriculture Biotechnology Program, 1988-89
5. United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Renewable Resources and Bioenergy Program, 1988-89
6. National Academy of Science, National Research Council; Environmental Science and Resources Recovery Program, 1988-89; Bioprocess Engineering, 1990-93
7. University of California: Biotechnology Research and Training Program, 1990-99; Energy Science and Technology Program, 1988-92
8. State of California: State Competitive Technology Program, 1994-96
9. University of Maryland, Baltimore, Biotechnology Program, 1988-96
10. State University of New York, Buffalo, Biochemical Engineering Program, 1991-93
11. Rutgers University, and others, 1988
12. Brain Korea 21st Century Program Advisory Committee Member, 1999-
13. Johns Hopkins University
14. University of Iowa
15. Northwestern University
16. U. C. Irvine
17. U. C. Santa Barbara
18. U. C. San Diego
19. University of Pittsburgh
20. University of Maryland

Professional Services for Academic and Research Organizations: Invited Lectures, Thesis Committee and others

1. Distinguished Visiting Professor and Advisor for Industry-government-academia Programs, Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Nara, Japan, 2011-2012
2. Nara Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) Graduate students’ PhD dissertation research performance evaluation meeting, Seaside Hotel Maiko Villa, Kobe, Japan, November, 2011
3. Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, May, 2003
Research Leadership in Biotechnology: Commemorative Lecture for Professor T. Yoshida
4. Louisiana State University, New Orleans, LA, April, 2002
Biotechnology Research Programs in US Federal Agencies for EPSCOR
5. UC Riverside, CA, November/2001, Environmental Biotechnology
6. New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ, November/2001
US policies related to the social and ethical issues in biotechnology
7. UC San Francisco, KOLIS (Life Scientist Org) December, 2001
Plenary Lecture, U.S. Science and Technology Policy, KOLIS Annual Meeting
8. UC Davis, CA, July/2001
Agricultural Biotechnology and International Agriculture Training Program
9. Colorado State University, Colorado Springs, CO, October/2000
U. S. Federal Research Programs in Metabolic Engineering Field
10. University of West Virginia, Morgantown, WV, September, 2000
Metabolic Pathway Engineering as applied to discovery research – new vision in biotechnology research
11. National Science Foundation, Washington DC, January, 2000
Future research trends and strategy for US biochemical engineering research programs and Frontiers in biochemical engineering research: Biomolecular engineering
12. Korea University and KIChE, Seoul, July, 2000
Biotechnology Symposium: Recent development in bioinformatics and biomolecular engineering

(Prior to 2000)

1. University of Texas, Austin, TX
2. University of Maryland, College Park and Baltimore, MD
3. State University of New York, Buffalo, NY
4. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh
5. University of California, at San Diego, Santa Barbara, and Irvine, CA
6. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA
7. Washington University, St. Louis, MO
8. Washington State University, Pullman, WA
9. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
10. Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
11. U.S. Army Research and Development Laboratory, Natick, MA
12. University of Rhode Island, Providence, RI
13. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Enzyme Technology Program, Cambridge, MA
14. University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
15. University of Delaware, Newark, DE
16. University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
17. Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
18. Pennsylvania State University, College Park, PA
19. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL
20. MIT Biotechnology Process Engineering Research Center, Cambridge, MA
21. University of Hanover, Hanover, Germany
22. University of Technology, Compiegne, France
23. National Institute of Applied Science, Toulouse, France
24. University of Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany
25. Institute of Biotechnology, Julich, Germany
26. University of Dortmund, Dortmund, Germany
27. Gesselschaft fur Biotechnologische Forschung, Stockheim-Braunsweig, Germany
28. Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
29. Osaka University, Osaka
30. National Institute of Food Research, Tsukuba, Japan
31. Tsukuba University, Tsukuba, Japan
32. Korea Advanced Institute of Science, Seoul
33. Tokyo University, Tokyo
34. Seoul National University, Seoul
35. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, DaeJeon, Korea
36. Pohang Institute of Technology, Pohang, Korea
37. Korea University, Seoul
38. Kyoto University, Kyoto
39. Riken Research Institute, Saitama, Japan
40. Ministry of Industry and Trade, Fermentation Research Institute, Tsukuba, Japan
41. Hiroshima University, Hiroshima, Japan
42. Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan
43. University of Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan
44. Nara advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Services to National and International Professional Organizations as an Invited Speaker, a Session Chairman, or Conference Organizer

1. Advisory Committee, Biochemical Engineering Conference, Boulder, CO, July, 2003 Co-Chair and Organizing Committee for Biotechnology Program part of the 3rd Chemical Engineering Conference for Collaborative Research in Eastern Mediterranean Countries, Thessaloniki, Greece, May, 2003
2. Plenary Lecture, Workshop on Future Biotechnology Research Direction, Taiwanese National Research Consortium, Taiwan, 2002
3. NSF’s Site Visit Committee for Evaluation of MIT Bioprocess Engineering Research Center Programs, Cambridge, MA, 2001
4. Plenary Lecture, Workshop on Management of Government Supported Research Organizations, Seoul, 2001
5. Metabolic Engineering Grant Workshop, NSF, Washington, DC, 2000Co-Chair, Workshop on Future Vision for Biochemical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering XII Conference, Sonoma, CA, June, 2001
6. Co-Chair, NSF Sponsored Workshop on Future Research Direction of Biochemical Engineering, NSF, Washington, DC, November, 2001

(Prior to 2000)

1. Co-PI and organizer: NSF sponsored Biochemical Engineering Workshop on Research and Training Strategy and Policy Planning, Washington, D. C.
2. Session Chair and organizer: International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, ACS-PACIFICHEM Meeting, Recombinant Bioprocesses, Honolulu
3. International Advisory Committee, Asia Pacific Biochemical Engineering Conferences Biotechnology Conference
4. Program Committee, 9th International Biotechnology Symposium, Washington, DC
5. US (NSF)-Japan (JSPS) Joint Research Conferences on: Biotechnology, Biochemical Engineering, and Plant Biotechnology
6. US (NSF)-German (DGF) Joint Workshop on Bioseparation
7. World Congress of Chemical Engineering
8. International Conferences of Federation of Scientific and Engineering Societies
9. American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division
10. American Chemical Society, Biotechnology Division
11. American Society for Microbiology, Fermentation Division
12. Global Impact of Applied Microbiology Conferences
13. Engineering Foundation Conferences on: Enzyme Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, and Mixing
14. International Congress of Microbiology
15. Japanese Society of Fermentation Technology
16. World Congress of Bioenergy
17. ACHEMA: International Symposium on Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms
18. Pacific Chemical Engineering Congress
19. American Society of Enology
20. International Protoplast Symposium
21. Japan Society of Enzyme Engineering
22. Pasteur Bioscience Conferences
23. European Congress of Biotechnology
24. Bio-Japan International Congress
25. UCLA Molecular Biology Symposia
26. Beijing International Conference on Biotechnology
27. Wine Institute, San Francisco
28. Biotechnica, Hannover
29. International Society of Oxygen Transfer to Tissues
30. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology
31. Japan Management Association, Tokyo

Invited lectures for industrial research organizations and/or consulting services

1. Samsung – Central Research Institute, Seoul/Giheung
2. CJ Biotechnology Research Institute, Seoul
3. California Natural Products, CA
4. Doosan Research Institute, Seoul
5. Richard Scientific, CA
6. AmBex, Sunnyvale, CA
7. Samyang-Genex, Inc., Seoul and UT
8. Kelco, Monsanto, San Diego, CA
9. Mycogen, San Diego, CA
10. Bechtel, San Francisco, CA
11. Battelle Laboratories, Columbus, OH
12. Pfizer Central Research laboratory, Groton, CT
13. Grace Chemical Central Research, Washington, DC
14. New Brunswick Scientific Co, Edison, NJ
15. Wyeth Laboratories, West Chester, PA
16. Midwest Solvent Co., Kansas City
17. Universal Foods, Milwaukee, WI
18. Amoco Research Center, Naperville, IL
19. Lederle-American Cyanamid, Pearle River, NY
20. Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY
21. Gallo Winery Central Research, Modesto, CA
22. Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, Biotechnology Program, Livermore, CA
23. Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ
24. Schering-Plough, Union, NJ
25. Kyowa Hakko Central Research, Shizuoka, Japan
26. Suntory Central Research Laboratory, Osaka, Japan
27. Hoechst Central Research Laboratory, Frankfurt, Germany
28. Ciba-Geigy Central Research Laboratory, Naples, Italy
29. Nichimen, Central Research Laboratory, Tokyo
30. Novo Industri, Central Research Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark
31. Takeda Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Osaka, Japan
32. Tanabe Pharmaceuticals, Osaka, Japan
33. Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research, Kuwait
34. Kirin Brewery Central Research Laboratory, Tokyo
35. Mitsui Petrochemical Research, Yamaguchi, Japan
36. Asahi Chemical Central Research, Nagoya, Japan
37. Taito-Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Aichi, Japan
38. Meiji Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory, Kawasaki, Japan
39 Toyo Jozo Pharmaceutical Research Laboratory, Shizuoka and Tokyo
40. Pohang Steel Chemical Research, Pohang, Korea
41. Miwon (Daesang) Central Research Laboratory, Seoul
42. Hanwha Chemical, Central Research, Seoul
43. Chong-Keun-Dang Pharmaceutical Central Research, Seoul
44. Affimax Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA
45. Doosan Research Institute, Seoul
46. Richard Scientific, Novato, CA
47. Samyang-Genex, Inc., Biomedical Research, UT

University Services (Selected Examples of Only the Recent Services at UC Davis)

1. Student Petition Committee
2. Graduate Admissions Committee
3. Safety Committee
4. Library Committee
5. Student Relations Committee
6. Graduate and Undergraduate Advisory Committees
7. Doctoral Thesis Committees (5 graduate programs in Biotechnology and Biological Sciences)
8. Engineering Biotechnology Committee
9. Academic Personnel Committees
10. Search Committees for Recruiting Faculty and Administrators
11. UC Davis NIH Biotechnology Training Program, as Co-Director, and Executive Committee
12. UC Davis USDA, Training Program in National Need Area, as Director and Chair, Executive Committee, Bioprocess Engineering of High Value Added Product from Agricultural Resources
13. Faculty Advisory Committee on Education Abroad Program (EAP)
14. Review Committee of Biological Sciences Graduate Programs
15. Biotechnology Advisory Committee, College of A & ES, U C Davis
16. Ad Hoc Committee Member for Development of Bioprocess Engineering Consortium for the U C Biotechnology Program
17. U C System-wide Biotechnology Program Executive Committee Co-chair, UC Davis Biotechnology Workshop for the Chancellor and Administration
18. Faculty Advisor for graduate student thesis research in the Graduate Programs including; Microbiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Food Science & Technology, and Biomedical Engineering

Some Selected Professional Conferences Participated as Discussant

o NIH Research Program Workshop, UC Berkeley, CA, 2004
o Recent Advances in Flow Cytometry, Davis, CA, 2003
o NIH Regional Seminar on Research Programs and Funding, Stanford University, CA, 2003
o Cell Reactor Engineering, Minneapolis, MN, 2003
o American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering, Washington, DC, 2003
o Cell Culture Engineering Conference, Snowmass, CO, 2002
o Stem Cell Technology – Research Opportunities, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 2002
o American Society of Cell Biology, San Francisco, CA, 2002
o Bioengineering Consortium, NIH, Bethesda, MD, 2002
o ACS Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2001
o Beyond Genome Conference 2001, Cambridge Health Institute, San Francisco, CA, 2001
o Society of Biomedical Research Annual Meeting, Bethesda, MD, 2001